$OBURN is now trading on! - Let the BurnWars commence!

Tokenomics and Mechanics


The buy tax goes into a service wallet, which once a month, will utilize all collected funds to buy back the top 5 projects as voted by the communities, and burns them to the dead wallet. The 10% sell tax, burns every single $OBURN, making it a hyper-deflationary token!
Not only is $OBURN hyper deflationary, but we will be leveraging our treasury profits to grow the price of $OBURN! So there is outside revenue buying back $OBURN to increase the price!


Token Allocation

1.1% Marketing purposes

4% Team allocation for hiring/retaining talent

2.5% Seed Funding Round

2.5% Whitelist sale

13% Public Presale

13.53% Liquidity Pool

20.75% OnlyBurns locked reserves

15% Reserves to be paired and added to liquidity via treasury profits

8.75% Allocated to the ChainBets betting pool!

16.37% Locked for a future planned addition to our ecosystem.


Users vote on what project will be bought and burnt, by using the Burn-dApp to vote for a project on any network, and burn some $OBURN to back their vote with governance. The top 5 projects with the most votes and associated OBURN burned, will win that month’s buyback and burns.

Once a month, OBURN utilizes the funds collected by the buy tax to purchase tokens of whichever top 5 projects received the most votes, and then BURNS the tokens.


Buy back
Project A’s community wants a buyback and a burn performed on their project.
Their members come to OnlyBurns, buy some OBURN tokens. This actually increases the amount of money allocated to buyback and burns via the buy tax!
They then utilize our BurnVote dApp to vote for a project on any network, and burn some $OBURN to back their vote with governance!
At the end of the month, if their project is one of the top 5 projects, they win a buyback and burn! You can watch the progress of the votes on our proprietary BurnBoard, and see how many votes you need to conquer a higher ranking!
After tallying up the votes at the end of each month, OBURN will buy the top 5 project’s tokens, and then burn them at a random time during a two week period. After the burn is completed, OBURN will announce the results of the vote, and provide the burn transaction hash on both discord, and our twitter.


We are working with some big names in the NFT space for creating our beautifully crafted art, and a well known NFT expert for marketing, for our limited series governance boosting NFTs!

Tier 1


Supply cap


Governance boost


Cost during Stage 1 Minting

Tier 2


Supply cap


Governance boost


Cost during Stage 1 Minting

Tier 3


Supply cap


Governance boost


Cost during Stage 1 Minting


We are keeping the NFT governance boosters supply LOW,

to help ensure a strong secondary market demand as our protocol grows. There will NEVER be any additional governance boosting NFTs minted after this. You will be able to select what NFT tier you’re wanting to mint, when mint time begins, as we will utilize separate contracts for each tier.

Rest assured, renting out your governance NFT will not interfere with any drips/rewards! You are listed as the owner, and will receive all the rewards even if the NFT is rented out to another person or project who wants to borrow it for a governance voting power boost.

You’ll be able to RENT OUT your governance NFTs to other projects/people in 1 week increments,

at whatever $$ rate you feel like charging. There will be a rent-marketplace coming near the end of Q2 2023. Projects can choose to rent from you or someone else, so the competitive rent market will be determined by demand. OnlyBurns earns a % of the rent charged, which goes into the treasury.

NFT sales will be broken up into stages, with 33% of each tier being available during that stage. After the first stage, each following stage will increase in price.

OBURN Price Appreciation


Price Appreciation for $OBURN

Not only is $OBURN hyper deflationary, but we will be leveraging our treasury profits to grow the price of $OBURN!
Powerful Price Appreciation

How does it work?

30 percent of all profits from OnlyBurn’s treasury growth is utilized to buy back the $OBURN token from the liquidity pool, increasing the price, and an additional 33 percent of the profits are then paired to the tokens that were purchased, and placed back into the liquidity pool.
Buy Backs


Over time, this will continue to residually force the price up, while deepening the liquidity pool to lessening the impact of any sells.
Adds to liquidity too!


When our NFT sales are complete, our price appreciation mechanic will kick in for $OBURN. The treasury purchases of $OBURN drive additional volume, price appreciation, and deeper liquidity!
Adds to the BurnFunds!

Feeds Burn Funds!

The treasury is NOT exempt from the taxes when it makes its purchase of $OBURN with profits! This feeds the burn wallet with funds for projects and communities to fight over, in addition to regular flow from volume.

Investment Strategies

Here at OnlyBurns, we believe in being smart with our treasury investments, to ensure $OBURN is profitable for investors indefinitely. The majority of our funds will be allocated to stablecoin farming, as well as utilize Overnight Finances ETS hedge system, so the treasury can grow even during a bear market. We will also be utilizing Uniswap V3 exotic strategies as an additional growth aspect for our treasury. A smaller percentage is allocated towards blue chip crypto growth. A very small percentage is utilized to invest into promising startup protocols during their seed funding round. Safety of funds is our priority
Safe & Profitable


Token presale

Token Launch

Mega Buyback and Burn Event!

Stage 1 NFT sales!

Strong advertising push!


Protocol partnerships!

Stage 2 NFT Sale

NFT rent Marketplace

Treasury activates Price Appreciation for $OBURN!

NFTs begin BUSD drip from treasury profits!

Single Staking pool for $OBURN that earns real yield in BUSD

Relationships and Partnerships

Relationships and Partners

OnlyBurns has formed several relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships prior to even launching! To learn more about our friends, visit their websites!
KyotoSwap –
Sphere Finance

Core Team

Founder, Cyril Keir

Cyril Keir has been in business management for over 16 years, and has 13 years of portfolio management. He operates a Defi Consultation firm called KC Consulting, assisting other protocols with their tokenomics, utilities, and business structure.

Lead Developer, Sam Slivinski

Sam Slivinski is a member of Obsidian Council, and has been a developer for many years. He owns and operates a successful parts machining company as well.

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